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    RO System
    • Reverse osmosis (RO) is a technological phenomenon where high pressure above osmotic pressure is artificially applied to a highly concentrated solution, and the solution flow is guided in the opposite direction through a special semipermeable membrane. RO system uses this phenomenon.
    Activated Carbon Filter
    • It is the filter that uses activated carbon as its medium. This device absorbs and removes organic substances, residual chlorine, chromaticity, taste, odor as well as neutral detergent which are contained in water (Activated carbon has 800~1000 m3 of surface area per gram)
    Iron & Manganese Removal Device
    • This device performs catalytic oxidation and filters the iron and manganese in the water as well as turbidity.
    Multi-Media Filter
    • This device can remove turbidity due to suspended matter by passing the raw water through the media layer. It can remove the residual suspended material above the media layer by backwashing while raw water is passing through the media.
    Water Softener
    • This device removes hardness component by exchange reaction using cation exchange resin to eliminate calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, etc. contained in the raw water. Ion exchange resin can be recycled and used repeatedly by using 5~10% salt water.


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