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    UV Surface Sterilizer (Conveyor Sterilizer HACCP Equipment)
    • Sterilizer that prevents deterioration of food, food processing material and finished products by applying UV to extend the expiration period. Can be mounted on existing conveyor.
    Technical Features
    1. Flash pasteurization and elimination of harmful substances using the strongest sterilization UV
    2. There is no change in product quality and character. It can maximize production yield by minimizing the process time.
    3. Applied to products that cannot be sterilized using thermochemical methods
    4. It prevents the growth of micro-organisms on the product surface which causes freshness degradation and shorten the expiration period.
    5. Sterilization is performed at the final processing line to prevent contamination by falling bacteria.
    1. Prevent secondary contamination because it does not use any chemicals
    2. Low cost installation and reliable sterilization effect
    3. Prevent product deterioration using non-heating method
    1. UV Air Sterilization for dried fish, vegetables, red pepper powder, marine products, livestock products, plastic bottles, eggs, sashimi, etc.
    2. Devices that exterminates bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. that are floating in the air by turning on the sterilizer lamp.
    3. Able to install anywhere including ceiling, wall, etc.
    1. Food storage warehouse,
    2. Clean room,
    3. Operating room,
    4. Pathology room in hospital,
    5. Test lab,
    6. Food packaging line,
    7. Food conveyor line,
    8. Air tank
    UV Deposited Sterilizer (Tank Sterilizer)
    1. Suppression of microbial growth when storing water in the tank for a long time
    2. Efficient for prevention of secondary contamination due to continuous sterilization
    3. Use high permeability water such as soft water, pure water or D.I water
    4. Tank material is stainless steel and Teflon
    1. Raw water storage tank,
    2. Processed water storage tank, Pure water storage tank,
    3. Raw material liquid storage tank,
    4. Sugar solution tank,
    5. Rooftop water tank
    Standard Model
    Model Lamp Watt Dimension No.of Lamp Remarks
    SCTUV-40S 40 65A F/L x 1100 1 Single
    SCTUV-40D 40 80A F/L x 1100 2 Double
    SCTUV-75S 75 65A F/L x 1750 1 Single
    SCTUV-75D 75 80A F/L x 1750 2 Double


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