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      Generate OH Radical
    • Hydrogen peroxide is formed as an intermediate material during photolysis of dissolved ozone by UV -> Generated intermediate material: OH Radical
    • Has exceptional oxidizing capability compared to conventional oxidizing agents such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate, or ozone (3~10 times of ozone, above 1,000 times of chlorine)
    • UV and hydrogen peroxide promote ozone decomposition -> Improve OH Radical generating capability
    Pollutant Removal Mechanism
    1. Oxidation removal by generated OH Radical
    2. Direct photolysis by UV
    1. Drinking water storage tank for apartments
    2. Drinking spring water, pre-treatment and container washing water
    3. Cooling tower sterilization and decomposition of organic material
    4. Fish farms and fountains cleaning
    5. Groundwater sterilization and pre-treatment of drinking water
    6. Recycled water of rain water
    7. Cleaning water for pigpen and livestock pen (sterilization and deodorization)
    8. Disinfection of water production for horticulture and special crops
    Object Material for AOP
    1. Strong bactericidal effect
    2. Agricultural pesticides, herbicides, trace harmful organic substances
    3. Phenols
    4. Chromogenic inducing substance
    5. Taste, odor inducing substance
    6. Green algae
    7. Iron, Manganese, Cyanide
    8. Nitrate nitrogen
    9. Ammonia nitrogen
    10. Toluene. Benzene. N-Butanol. Vinyl Chloride


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