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    2020.07 Production and delivery of semiconductor TOC oxidation devices
    2020.06 Lotte Engineering & Construction's partner company registration.
    2020.04 Registration of LG Chem partners.
    2019.09 Direct production registration.
    Factory Registration No. 411712016372911.
    2019.06 Sungchang MC Corporation changed to a corporation.
    Establishment of R&D department.
    ISO9001 certification.
    ISO14001 certification.
    Venture Business Registration No. 20190108295
    2015.09 Venture Business Registration No. 20150109890.
    2015.07 Establishment of a R&D department and joining the Gyeonggi Incheon Machinery Industry Cooperative.
    2015.05 Manufacturing and delivery of semiconductor TOC processing equipment.
    2014.10 UV manufactured and delivered for semiconductor sterilization.
    2013.09 CJ participated in PRJ for export to Hyundai.
    2011.03 Direct production registration and bidding during the procurement hearing period.
    2011.03 Factory Registration No. 41170-04516.
    2010.02 Headquarters and factory moved to Anyang.
    2007.03 Sungchang EMC changed its name.
    2006.04 Developed a conveyor sterilizer
    2005.05 Development of sterilizer for sewage treatment
    Many deliveries from Sinan Village.
    2004.06 High-power lamp employment delivery for ultraviolet water sterilizer. LCD components.
    2003.12 Development of the A.O.P central water treatment unit. Supplied by Dongbu Centreville.
    2002.03 Development of Ozone Generating Device. For sterilization and washing.
    2001.10 Manufacture and delivery of microfilter housing.
    2001.09 Installation of purified water line. Daewoong Pharmaceutical.
    2000.06 Development of an UV air sterilizer. Supply to mineral water plants and hospitals.
    1999.04 A.O.P System Development UV. Lamp+Ozone type Hongjin Crown for water supply.
    1999.02 Development of an ultraviolet tank sterilizer.
    1998.05 A.O.P System Development UV. Lamp type: Tank contamination prevention type
    1998.03 Development of an ultraviolet sterilizer. LG Chem's delivery transaction.
    1997.07 Sungchang Engineering was established.


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